Bald Eagle, The Symbol of Valor, Strength, and Freedom

Bald Eagle Flying Photo
Bald Eagle Flying Photo. Img Via:

Bald eagle (haliaetus leucocephalus) is one of the famous eagle. The kites from North America has a special characteristic, the feathers on the head and tail are white. Another special characteristic is the bright yellow color of the beak. In some countries, these birds tend to be portrayed as a noble animal.

Maybe its name is rarely heard, but you must be familiar with the figures. Yes! The bald eagle is already used as a symbol by many countries, such as America, Germany, and many other nations. For example, became a symbol of a baseball club, or so the symbol of one television station.

Bald eagles normally live in the water, be it river, lake, or ocean. This is because the bald eagle prey alive with various species of fish that live in places like that. One area that has lots of Bald Eagles is Alaska in the United States.

In Everyday, Bald Eagles are very accustomed to human presence. They roam around the docks to look for traces of fish from the fishermen scattered. The birds are also frequently perch on fishing boats or bully the deck when the ship docked. This eagle is also often came to where the fishermen cleaning nets.

The bald eagle is classified as a bird of prey. These birds hunt prey by grabbing the fish up to the surface. Bald eagles can fly at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Meanwhile, when slid prey can reach 120 kilometers per hour. After successfully grabbed the fish with its claws. Bald eagle brought the fish to the other places to eat. Bald eagles have a sharp beak shaped like a hook, allowing it to tear its prey.

Generally, eagles regarded as a symbol of valor, strength, and freedom, that’s why it is often used as an icon. The bald eagle is regarded as a handsome animal, full of strength, and also scare other animals. In addition, the Bald Eagle is also able to deal with severe weather.

Despite having a close relationship with fishermen, this Bald Eagle was never endangered. For decades, this Bald Eagle hunted for the purpose of sport (hunting) and hunted by fishermen who feel harmed by the presence of these birds because the fish was stolen.

In addition, many Bald Eagles are exposed to toxins of pesticides, fish bombs, or chemical waste contained in contaminated fish. These chemicals make the eggshells of birds become brittle and create the ability to reproduce very limited.

In 1972, fishing regulations restricted, and prohibited the use of chemicals that can pollute the environment, in addition to programs to save the Bald Eagles in some countries also began significantly. As a result, Bald Eagle endangered can be saved, and in 2007 the bald eagle is removed from the endangered species list.

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