Bengal Cat, Bring The Jungle Atmosphere To Your Home

Funny Bengal Cat Kitten
Funny Bengal Cat Kitten

The Bengal cat is a cat that comes from California, United States. The cats also called blacan cat is the second offspring of crossbreeding between an Asian leopard cat with American Shorthair cats. This cat is much favored by lovers of cats to be used as a pet, even though the Bengal cat belongs in the wild cats.

A Bengal cat has a long body size and muscle, bone is quite big and bulky, and the fur is thick, dense and smooth. The Bengal cat care is quite difficult, especially on the fur. Bengal cat’s fur needs to be cleaned at any time using a soft brush so the bristles are not damaged or fall off. The cat population is still very small. So, do not be surprised if the price of these cats is quitting expensive, which is $700 to $2,000.


If you want to have a cat that is calm and graceful, the Bengal cat is not very suitable for you. Although these cats are very affectionate and loyal to their owners, but Bengal cats have so much energy and love to play with their owners. Bengal cats generally like always interacting with the people around them, and also need a friend in the neighborhood.

The Bengal cat is a cat which is very athletic when compared to other cat species, other than that they are also very agile and hobbies climb a tree or a tall though. One characteristic that is quite special from Bengal cat is their intelligence. They always want to know what is done by the owner, or the new things they see. Unlike most other cats, Bengal cats are always trying to interact with the surroundings, as one example, it was very happy to play with water. Bengal cat equipped with powerful jaws, sharp nails, muscular athleticism, and quick reflexes as it supplied from the offspring that leopard cat.

Physical Characteristics

A Bengal cat has a fur motif is very pretty and charming with an athletic body shape and muscle. If you have this animal, indirectly you have to bring a jungle atmosphere into your home. Wow? It’s interesting and unique is not it? In addition, the Bengal cat fur motif is not like other types of cats in general. A Bengal cat has a pattern like a wild cat with some motifs like supported, rosseted, and marble. According to TICA, some colors are recognized by this association is brown, seal lynx point, mink, sepia and silver.

The more visible contrast to the fur pattern of the Bengal cat, then it will get a very good value, if the cat is included in a cat show organized by the association. But unlike the ratings on other associations, if the Bengal cat is still looking wild character, then the cat will score very poorly in the contest.

Well, if you are interested in having this cat? If you are interested to keep the Bengal cat, you can see Bengal cat care tips below.

Primary Care

Clean and bathe – If you have a Bengal cat, should be diligent to clean by bathing your Bengal cat. A Bengal cat has pretty natural freckles, but if you are not routine in cleaning and bathing them, the fur on the cat would not look pretty again.

Combing cat – Use a comb to be preening, the Bengal cat is famous with a pattern on the coat will look more attractive if you often comb. Additionally, combing the fur on the Bengal cat also can help remove fleas on the cat.

Activities – You should also be sure to provide enough activity to your Bengal cat. Because Bengal cat is a cat that is active, and highly energetic than other types of cats. Typically, Bengal cats would be welcome when the owner took the streets as well as playing in the yard.

Give toys – Provide toys for Bengal cat is required. Because this is in accordance with the cat’s personality. You should provide a safe toy for your Bengal cat, because Bengal cat would do anything as dangerous activities with courage.

Feed – Provide food containing nutrients perfectly, so Bengal cat can still maintain stamina and spirit. Generally, the Bengal cat is synonymous with a very energetic character, then adjust the pattern of the best food for your Bengal cat. Generally, you can choose the best foods for Bengal cats in various pet shops near your home.

Playing with water – Because Bengal cats love the water, so if you look at the Bengal cat in the water, you do not need to bother with it. Because it is a pleasure for it. But not too long, so play with the water, because it will cause your cat exposed to flue.

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