British Shorthair Cat, The Long-lived Cat

British Shorthair Cat Photo
British Shorthair Cat Photo

British Shorthair cat as the name suggests this cat is originally from the United Kingdom, this cat has indeed attracted many people in the UK and Europe. British Shorthair, was first formed by cross breeding between Egyptian cats with domestic cat in Europe, especially in English. This cross creates a cat with a large stature, but has a short and dense fur, a fairly thick fur owned by British Shorthair helps them survive in the very cold European air until now.

Formerly in 1918, in Europe many scientists who are experts in genetic crosses want to create new cat varieties, to create varieties of cat with short hair, scientists use a British Shorthair cat as a mother. When scientists want to experiment with long-haired cats, they use Persian cats as one of the breeders. Although previously British Shorthair, also has a rival, the Blue Russian cat. These two species are the descendants of cats with the prettiest short hairs in Europe and ultimately scientists define British Shorthair as the best parent varieties for short-haired cats.

This cat has a calm character, so this cat is suitable for you who are not so fond of the cat is hyperactive. The British Shorthair cat has a loose body. Some people love fat cats, especially women. So this British Shorthair cat can be an option, especially their short but bushy fur will make you feel at home hugging them while lying down or while relaxing. British Shorthair cats can be called house cats, they will feel at home, but when they are outdoors, their haunting souls will come out when they see other small animals.

The cat’s care is fairly easy because British Shorthair has short hair, you just need to bathe them once a week and maybe you can take the time to comb their hair so that the dead hairs can be lifted. In addition to the fur, you also need to brush their teeth routine and pay attention to their ears to avoid mites and lice. These cats also have a strong hunter power so usually they will be comfortable with their long nails, but usually their claws can damage the furniture at home, cut their nails if you feel their claws are disturbing.

This cat usually weighs between 10 kg -18 kg for males and 6 kg – 12 kg for females, to have it you need to reach the wallet with an average price of about $ 800 – $ 1400, this cat can also survive about 12 years – 18 years .

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