Caracal, The Wild Cat From Africa

Caracal Cat Photo
Caracal Cat Photo

Caracal cat is one of the stray cats that can be found in parts of Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and India. Caracal cat has a golden red fur that looks sleek, giving the impression of luxury. Moreover, the black color around the eyelids make Caracal cat look stern. Caracal cat likes to stay in the savanna, semi-deserts and steppes. In addition, the charcoal cat also has a feather in its ears were pointy. Many theories that explain the function of feathers in this war. Starting from functioning as camouflage to facilitate while jumping.

The leap from animals that can live for 12-17 years is indeed quite high and can reach three meters. This capability is supported by a slender body with a length of 106 cm. Its ability to jump like a fly is also useful to look for prey.

To survive, the animal is a more taciturn loner. Caracal cat is also not the type of voters when hunting. Caracal cat could eat rat, monkey or mangos. Its habit of climbing trees aims to sharpen his nails in order to stay sharp. Given the number of animals that can be eaten by a carnivore this one, Caracal equated with the lion as one of the top predators. Moreover, the high survival capability makes Caracal is able to live a long time without water in the dry heat of the desert.

Unfortunately, in some parts of Africa, wild cats often regarded as pests, as they often prey on livestock. Even so, the population in the wild is considered quite good, although not known the exact number. You see, in addition to silent and aloof, Caracal cat is an animal that likes to hide.

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