Monarch Butterfly, The Beautiful Winged Wanderer!

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The monarch butterfly is not like butterflies as you know. They have an awesome super power. Monarch butterfly can fly above an altitude of thousands of feet and even was seen from the window of aircraft in the air. This butterfly often travels between 1,200 and 2,800 miles (4,800 kilometers).

Long-distance migration is the hallmark of the Monarch butterfly. Each spring, thousands of broad-winged butterflies fly west to California and Mexico. Whereas in the summer, monarch butterflies expeditions as far as 4,828 kilometers through the US and Canada.

How a butterfly with wings as small as it can fly very high and driven a long distance? That’s super powers they have. Until now, the cohesiveness of the Monarch butterfly migration is still a mystery to the scientists. The monarch butterfly is born to fly, and now that the weather is changing and they must prepare for their long journey.

Monarch butterfly through four generations per year. Three first generation hatch from their cocoons and live up to six weeks, but the fourth generation continues to live up to six or eight months, so that they can migrate to a warmer climate, hibernate and then start the first new generation in the spring.

Monarchs females have several hundred eggs to be hatched during their brief life in the springtime. Monarch butterfly larvae eat milkweed. However, because the number of milkweed plants is cut down to make roads and houses, the current monarch butterfly population has decreased as a result of this. Conservationists are working hard to bring back milkweeds that Monarch butterflies have a place to live and grow.

Most people think that the Monarch butterfly only has two stages of life, chrysalis and butterfly stages. But the monarch butterfly actually goes through four stages in their life cycle. They start out as eggs, then hatch into larvae (caterpillars), and then wrap in a cocoon, and then they go through a metamorphosis into a butterfly when they are in a cocoon.

After the Monarchs become adults, they will feed on nectar from flowers, not only the milkweed plants. Only caterpillars need milkweed plants to survive. In some cities, even held a Monarch butterfly festival is a sign of entering the spring or welcome them.

Only the monarch butterfly born in late summer or early fall that makes migration, and they make just one round trip. At the time of next year’s winter migration begins, several generations of summer life will die and that means their granddaughter will make a return trip. Yet somehow this new generation knows the road, and follow the same route as their ancestors, and even sometimes they come back to the same tree.

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