Panda, The Bamboo-eating Animals

Panda Sleep on Tree
Panda Sleep on Tree

The panda, the animal is cute and adorable. However, unfortunately the population of the world is getting a little even endangered. Let us know the characteristics of the panda.

Characteristic of Panda

Panda is native animals that originated in China and live in the jungle in the mountains where the weather is cold and rainy. In Chinese, panda called ‘cat bear’. True to its name, in Chinese, panda eyes indeed resemble a cat, which is narrowed in the dark. In addition, the shape is similar to a bear. Unlike the bear has brown and black, panda very easily recognizable, from fear of black and white.

The panda has a life span of between 20 to 30 years and can reach a length of 1.5 meters and height of 75 cm. The panda adult male can weigh up to 100 kg.The panda is a carnivorous animal, means animals that eat meat. However, pandas prefer to eat plants, especially bamboo. Nonetheless, pandas also eat meat, fish, and eggs.

Short and Quick

Typically, an animal species will become extinct in a very long time span. However, not the case with the panda. Panda, has been widely recognized by the world beginning in 1869. When calculated, until now pandas are still around 139 years old, since they were discovered by humans. However, now the panda including most animals are protected because their numbers are low.

The number of pandas in the world just a little bit because of hunting in the wild. In addition, the panda is an animal that is ‘lazy’. Its┬ábody is sized to make them become lazy to move even for food.

In addition, it is also influenced by the nature panda itself. When a panda gave birth to two cubs, the mother panda was only going to take care of a baby panda cubs alone and neglect the others.

Save the Panda Population

Attempts to start a panda rescue recently formed in the 1950’s. But at that time only few are aware of the importance of the rescue effort. Thankfully, now a panda rescue efforts have been recognized a lot of people and international organizations.

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