Siamese Cat, The Funny from Thailand

Siamese Cat Image
Siamese Cat Image

History of Siamese cats contains more about the myth and legend than fact. The type of the Siamese cat is one of the oldest cat breed, which is based on the manuscripts have been known since the 14th century. As the name suggests, these cats come from Thailand (formerly known as Siam). Attractive appearance and demeanor that causes the cat’s much admired by the nobles. When a member of the kingdom of death, many believe that these cats will receive the soul of the person. Furthermore, these cats will be moved to the temple, then the cat will spend the rest of its life in luxury, with monks and priests as servants.

Some myths also tell that the Siamese cat has a duty as guardians of the kingdom flower vase or guard ring belonging to a royal princess. Many myths tell that these cats have a special bond with the kingdom of Siam.

Siamese cat, then began to be brought to Europe in the late nineteenth century, when the Cat Show held in the Crystal Palace in London. At first, the cat is not so getting a good reception from the cat fanciers there, but slowly Siamese cats began to tune into a pet. In 1878, US President Rutherford B. Hayes received a Siamese cat that was sent by consulates in Thailand, which indicates the cat is starting to get into the United States. Subsequently, these cats stay and play at the White House under President Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

In the 1900s, this Siamese cats began to participate in a variety of Cat show. The three biggest cat associations such as TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) and Fife (Fédération Internationale Féline) has recognized this Siamese cat breed. And until now the cat is so popular and has always been a top ranking in the category of Shorthair cat. Because of its popularity, the purebred cat has been used to form various of modern cat races, including Ocicat Cat, Himalayan Cat (Persian Colorpoint), Burmese Cat, Tonkinese Cat, Snowshoe Cat, and a variety of Oriental Cat races (Oriental Shorthair, Oriental Longhair, Colorpoint Shorthair, Colorpoint Longhair, Balinese and Javanese).


Siamese cats are very recognizable from almond-shaped eyes and blue. Its eyes were unique, expressive almond-shaped, and ears wide create the impression of “oriental” on this cat. The siamese cat head is wedge-shaped (like a triangle), slender and large pointy ears makes these cats seem very elegant. Siamese cat’s body looks muscular, but smooth. These cats have short fur and patterned Colorpoint with four colors, namely seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point. Pale body color with contrasting dark color on the face, ears, feet and tail.

Female cat weighs about 3-5 kg, and have the male cat weighing about 4-6 kg. This type of cat categorized genetically healthy cats, but there are some diseases that often attack such as gingivitis and heart disease called amyloidosis.


The important thing to know about this cat is that they tend to be chatty and stubborn. Siamese cat will tell us what they are thinking in a voice hoarse and loud. They will continue meowing until we pay attention to and act on their suggestions. Siamese cats are very like the people who loved them. This cat wants to be “useful” for their loved ones, so do not be surprised if this cat will follow and watch over us wherever we go. When we sat down, Siamese cat will be in our lap, when the evenings, a Siamese cat will be in bed with us, or under a blanket with its head on a pillow.

So, do not maintain a Siamese cat if you do not want to have a friend who chatty. But if you really enjoy having friends that can talk all day, this cat was fit to be our best friend. Also make sure we have time to spend with the cat who likes to socialize and prosecution. Siamese cats do not like being left alone for a long time. So if we work in a long time, be sure to maintain two Siamese cats, so they can make friends and do not stress.

Siamese cats are very intelligent, agile, athletic and playful. It was very happy to play with the cat teaser to be pursued, other than that if we have a large cat tree so the cat will be happy to climb. Since it is very active and likes to play, then do not be surprised if a box of Kleenex or paper will be a mess when we go home. So choosing the cat if you want to spend time to interact with these cats. They are kind of loyal cat and affectionate.

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